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Are you wondering what to put inside your Easter eggs this year?

Easter egg Contents

Here are some ideas and alternative goodies to consider:

1. Legos will forever be a favorite for many people, and the kids at your Easter party will be sure to love them as well. Building anything using Legos will also be a great way for them to pass the time once the hunt is done and they need something to occupy themselves with during the remainder of the party.

2. Consider giving the kids something useful as well. Erasers that come in different colors in designs will be welcomed by many kids, and you might also want to consider filling the eggs with magnets or cute little stickers. They’re something that the kids will be able to use, plus it keeps them from consuming too much sugar.

3. You can also fill eggs with other items, such as colorful shoelaces in funky patterns, hairclips, and hair ribbons. These are more useful items that kids will be able to enjoy well after the party, and you may just get something that they have been planning to buy for themselves in the first place.

4. Buy a jigsaw puzzle and pour the pieces into different eggs. Much like the Legos, kids will have to complete all the eggs if they want to work on the puzzle and complete it. It’s another great post-Easter egg hunt activity that will keep them quiet and occupied while the grown-ups relax and unwind during the party.

5. For those who love doing arts and crafts projects, it might be nice to make sure that the Easter eggs they will receive contain items they can use, such as beads, laces, string, or anything they can incorporate in anything they want to make with their own hands. Kids who are into crafts would love having these.

6. If you yourself are also into crafts and want to give something unique for every kid, then you could always knit some cute little critter to go into the egg. They can make for nice finger puppets and kids will be able to enjoy playing with them. Do this only if you have the time to knit different characters.

7. Chocolates and candies will never really go out of style when it comes to filling Easter eggs. Just make sure to be careful with your choices, because some kids may not take too well to chocolate with peanuts in them. Find out from parents whether their kids have any allergies you should know about.

8. As an alternative to sweets, you can always fill the Easter eggs with healthier food items especially if you want everyone to dial down the sugar. Consider adding dried fruits, nuts, and raisins into the mix. Kids may just discover something different that they would end up enjoying that day.

9. If you’re not sure about throwing in the traditionally healthy treats into the eggs, you can fill the Easter eggs with other types of treats. Crackers are always a handy standby, no matter what flavor they are, or you can also fill the eggs with marshmallows and jellybeans, which are great fillers.

10. For grown-up Easter egg hunts, plastic eggs can be filled with some really great gifts. The contents could be a five-dollar bill, for example, or small change. You can also fold in a note that lets the person who got the egg know that he or she has won a free movie ticket or a gift card, and that he or she can pick it up after the game.

Whatever you decide for your Easter Egg Contents, I’m sure you your Easter party will be lots of fun for all concerned.

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