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Why We Celebrate With An Easter Egg

History has shown that eggs are used in many different Spring celebrations. Spring is a time for new life to appear and the egg is used as a symbol of life. Romans believe that “All life comes from an egg” so they would use eggs in their spring feats and festivals. The Jewish people would eat salted hard boiled eggs as a tradition too.

In Pagan beliefs, there is an old story that an egg dropped down from heaven which contained the goddess of Fertility named Astarte (Easter). Astarte was hatched from the egg and ever since then the egg has been used as a symbol of fertility and new life throughout Rome, China, Japan, and Northern Europe.

Christians picked up the use of eggs for Easter to be shown as the “seed of life” which is represented as Christ’s resurrection. The using of eggs is viewed differently among many people. It was a common belief that any egg laid on Good Friday, that was cooked on Easter would help with fertility of crops and trees and help avoid any unexpected deaths.

Today, Easter Eggs play an important part in Easter celebrations by Christians in the USA. The egg can be used in many different ways including Easter egg hunts, chocolate made into the shape of Easter eggs, Easter Egg decorations and Kids games like the egg and spoon race. There isn’t a good explanation for why we decorate eggs, but it has been popular with spring celebrations among many different cultures for a long time. Each culture has their certain colors and ways to decorate the eggs, such as red and types of reds are the most well known because of it representing the blood of Christ.

The Most Famous Eggs Of All

One of the most famous eggs is the gold encrusted Faberge egg. The first Faberge egg is the famous golden egg that was made by Peter Carl Fabege back in 1883. Peter made this egg for the Empress Marie of Russia as an Easter gift from her husband Tsar Alexander. The beauty of this egg made a tradition for new eggs to be made and designed each Easter. This tradition was carried on by Nicholas Alexander’s son, Nicholas II. All in all, 57 Faberge eggs were made.

What Does The Easter Bunny Have To Do With It?

Traditions have changed a bit to this day. Now Easter eggs are associated with Easter egg hunts and the Easter Bunny. The reason for the Easter bunny is because Hares and Rabbits are well known for being able to have many births and that made it easy for them to be the choice for representing new life and celebrations during spring. For a long time now children have joined in on Easter egg hunts which is where they look for the colorful eggs hidden the grass by the Easter bunny. The tradition of Easter egg hunts is now a huge part of American Easter celebrations with many Churches and organizations Easter egg hunts for families to come and attend to.

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